Anti-Stress PRSSA

On April 25, PRSSA hosted a de-stress event in Atwood Memorial center to give students an opportunity to relieve stress during the last few weeks of school. This is the 2 year they have been hosting the event and think that it makes an impact on student stress levels. A survey was sent out to students asking them what devices can best be used to relieve stress and playing with cats or dogs was the number one stress relief determined by students.

We shot video using a panasonic A90 and edited the video using Adobe Premiere Pro. It was awesome to get the opportunity to showcase an event that doesn’t usually get much recognition.

Music “Welcome Home” by David Szesztay
Free Music Archive
Public Domain License

0.02- Title Slide
0.11- pan of students looking and learning about cats
0.21- interview with PRSSA member, and name title slide
0.34- student walking to the event
0.44- current student talking about the impacts of pets and stress, name title slide
0.55- shot of kittens playing in cage
1.09- Ending conclusion
1.14- rolling credit title