Anti-Stress PRSSA

On April 25, PRSSA hosted a de-stress event in Atwood Memorial center to give students an opportunity to relieve stress during the last few weeks of school. This is the 2 year they have been hosting the event and think that it makes an impact on student stress levels. A survey was sent out to students asking them what devices can best be used to relieve stress and playing with cats or dogs was the number one stress relief determined by students.

We shot video using a panasonic A90 and edited the video using Adobe Premiere Pro. It was awesome to get the opportunity to showcase an event that doesn’t usually get much recognition.

Music “Welcome Home” by David Szesztay
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0.02- Title Slide
0.11- pan of students looking and learning about cats
0.21- interview with PRSSA member, and name title slide
0.34- student walking to the event
0.44- current student talking about the impacts of pets and stress, name title slide
0.55- shot of kittens playing in cage
1.09- Ending conclusion
1.14- rolling credit title



Camera Shooting

The end of the semester is coming near and with that comes finals, papers and projects. In COMM240 we are currently working on a video project. We are using the Panasonic AC90 to shoot the video and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. I am excited to get started. I have used the camera and editing software before so I am hoping it won’t be too big of a challenge.

During the last week of classes there is a stress relief event going on for students to relax for a moment. Puppies and kittens are going to be brought to campus and so we are going to shoot video of the event and get the word out about what is going on.

This is a photo of my friend, Kaci setting up the camera for shooting. I can’t wait to tackle this assignment to end the semester with a bang!


Photo by Kaitlyn Anderman. All Rights Reserved.

Super Senior Year

I am currently in the second semester of my “super” senior year at St. Cloud State University. I feel like I am finally in the right place and know exactly what I want to do up until graduation. It only changed my major 4 times before finally landing on Mass Communications-Public Relations. I realized after taking the introduction classes that it was something I thoroughly enjoyed doing. I also was always interested in Psychology since it was my major coming into college. I decided that instead of it being a major, I would minor in it. There is really no rush into figuring out what you want to major in so definitely take your time until you find something perfect!

I am also currently working at H.R. Pesty’s, a local bar in the area and work for C&L distributing as a Budweiser Ambassador. I have learned a variety of skills working at both these jobs that I will be able to apply to any future job that I may have. I love working at both of these jobs because I get to talk to people everyday. I am an extremely social person so it kind of is the perfect place for me to be right now. It is nice to have a job that I already work with promotions and social media campaigns because in the future, I could see myself working for any company doing those types of things.

Now, I’m just waiting for the rest of my life to begin!


Photo by Kaitlyn Anderman. ©Kaitlyn Anderman. All Rights Reserved.


Adobe Dreamweaver

photo from

photo from

In COMM240, we are beginning to use Adobe Dreamweaver to build websites. I have used the program once before in a previous class but didn’t catch on as easily as I thought. Together as a class we learned the basics to build a site, including linking a site with an image and adjusting the colors. Sample Webpage Designed in COMM352

Adobe Dreamweaver is a web development tool created in 1997. The application combines a visual design side, known as live view and a coding side where you can edit Html/Css codes. It is convenient to be able to edit the codes while still being able to see the visual changes the user is making to their site.

Dreamweaver can be a difficult program to figure out and there are lots of technical features that are needed to successfully create a webpage. Below is a tutorial from Youtube to give you a quick overview of what to expect when using Dreamweaver.


Adobe Premiere Pro

For a future assignment in COMM240 we are going to be shooting video, then editing it in Adobe Premiere Pro. I have used the software once before and it was pretty simple to catch on to.

To begin using the program, first shoot or collect video footage. You can also work with graphics, audio files and more. While you are shooting video it is best to take notes about how you want that shot to be used in the final video. Next, start a new project and import your video and audio files. Then you can view the clips and set edit points before you put them in the sequence. Once the videos are in the sequence you can fade shots so they transition smoothly with each other. You can go much more into detail with editing but of course, these are just the basics to get you started.

If you want to learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro, Click Here!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.10.17 PM.png

Photo from Screenshot of Adobe Premiere Pro editing page. 


HTML and CSS codes are what make a website functional. The Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) provides structure to a page and the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) provide the visual designs and layout. Both are very important during the development of a website but cannot be seen by the web user.


Example of basic HTML coding. Photo from

I previously have used coding in COMM352 but just started learning the basics. I was surprised to see how many different HTML codes exist. Seriously check it out! The list of HTML tags most likely will be helpful in my future projects dealing with web design and coding. If you are curious about the codes that are in a particular website you can figure it out by pressing CTRL+U on Windows or COMMAND+OPTION+U on Mac. It all brings me back to my MySpace days when I was putting codes in to beautify my page.

Tim Berner-Lee was the inventor of HTML in 1989. He also invented the first webpage including Safari, Firefox and others. Without the invention from Berner-Lee you wouldn’t be viewing this webpage at all. It’s just crazy to think how far things have grown even since then.

HTML and CSS coding can be difficult at first but once you learn the basics, it’s only upward from there. Here is a clip to learn the basics!


Shake it

In class we were talking about different types of video that can be imbedded in a post. Prof. Walsh mentioned a video site called I had heard of it but never had really checked anything out. Today I went on and the first thing I typed into the search bar was “puppies”. Realistically who doesn’t want to be entertained by cute puppy videos? I found one that pretty much brightened my entire day and I hope it does the same for you!

Welcome Home Roscoe!

Growing up I had always had dogs running around the house. At one point my mom was even breeding our Yorkie so we had both our dogs and their puppies running around the house. When I moved out of my parents, everywhere I moved into had a strict no pet policy so it sort of ruined my chances of having a puppy of my own.

Finally I had the opportunity to have a pet and I jumped on that as fast as I could. I found my dog Rosoce on a pet adoption website and adopted him on March 16th, 2015. It’s crazy to think of my life now if I didn’t have Roscoe by my side all the time. I don’t know what it is, but there is just something about coming home to him wagging his tail with excitement.

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Spring Break in the Snow

My senior year was going great and spring break was just around the corner. Once again I had nothing planned but thankfully, spur of the moment a few of my friends invited me to join them on their snowboarding trip to Colorado. I was so excited to go back and immediately said yes!

My Aunt/Godmother lives in Littleton, which is about a half hour away from Denver. I have visited her a few times in the past when I was a little younger but I was ready to take on CO with my friends.

If you have never seen the mountains or experienced views unlike nothing you’ve ever seen before, I 100% recommend that you check out Colorado. Being in the mountains while riding is one of the best feelings in the entire world. It feels like you have no worries and your free to just float down the snowy drifts. I am looking forward to the next time I can go back and maybe one day actually move there because really how could you not fall in love with this!

Word Press

On my first day of class in COMM240, I received my first assignment. The assignment was to use to make a website with a blog. I had never heard of the site before so I was interested to get started to learn the program. I found out that is a site used for 25% of websites in the world. It uses a special Content Management System, CMS, that allows the user to edit a website in their browser.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 6.02.20 PM

When creating a site you must register at before the fun can begin. You have the option of the free or premium version then, pick a username and site address to get started. There are many options for themes and customizations, even more if you purchase the premium version. You are able to adjust settings to make the website fit your personal needs best.

Homepage for Source: screenshot of

Once you are logged into you have the ability to check out other blogs and discover what’s newly posted on the discover page. From there you’re free to spread your wings and get creative. I found this awesome video on showing you how to add a video gallery to your site.

Video by Ramiro Tenorio. How to create a WordPress video gallery. Published April 5, 2014. 

After using for 3 weeks now, I feel confident to say I now have the ability to construct a site. I can’t wait to use my new skills on future assignments and projects.