Friends and Family

Super Senior Year

I am currently in the second semester of my “super” senior year at St. Cloud State University. I feel like I am finally in the right place and know exactly what I want to do up until graduation. It only changed my major 4 times before finally landing on Mass Communications-Public Relations. I realized after taking the introduction classes that it was something I thoroughly enjoyed doing. I also was always interested in Psychology since it was my major coming into college. I decided that instead of it being a major, I would minor in it. There is really no rush into figuring out what you want to major in so definitely take your time until you find something perfect!

I am also currently working at H.R. Pesty’s, a local bar in the area and work for C&L distributing as a Budweiser Ambassador. I have learned a variety of skills working at both these jobs that I will be able to apply to any future job that I may have. I love working at both of these jobs because I get to talk to people everyday. I am an extremely social person so it kind of is the perfect place for me to be right now. It is nice to have a job that I already work with promotions and social media campaigns because in the future, I could see myself working for any company doing those types of things.

Now, I’m just waiting for the rest of my life to begin!


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Shake it

In class we were talking about different types of video that can be imbedded in a post. Prof. Walsh mentioned a video site called I had heard of it but never had really checked anything out. Today I went on and the first thing I typed into the search bar was “puppies”. Realistically who doesn’t want to be entertained by cute puppy videos? I found one that pretty much brightened my entire day and I hope it does the same for you!

Welcome Home Roscoe!

Growing up I had always had dogs running around the house. At one point my mom was even breeding our Yorkie so we had both our dogs and their puppies running around the house. When I moved out of my parents, everywhere I moved into had a strict no pet policy so it sort of ruined my chances of having a puppy of my own.

Finally I had the opportunity to have a pet and I jumped on that as fast as I could. I found my dog Rosoce on a pet adoption website and adopted him on March 16th, 2015. It’s crazy to think of my life now if I didn’t have Roscoe by my side all the time. I don’t know what it is, but there is just something about coming home to him wagging his tail with excitement.

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Spring Break in the Snow

My senior year was going great and spring break was just around the corner. Once again I had nothing planned but thankfully, spur of the moment a few of my friends invited me to join them on their snowboarding trip to Colorado. I was so excited to go back and immediately said yes!

My Aunt/Godmother lives in Littleton, which is about a half hour away from Denver. I have visited her a few times in the past when I was a little younger but I was ready to take on CO with my friends.

If you have never seen the mountains or experienced views unlike nothing you’ve ever seen before, I 100% recommend that you check out Colorado. Being in the mountains while riding is one of the best feelings in the entire world. It feels like you have no worries and your free to just float down the snowy drifts. I am looking forward to the next time I can go back and maybe one day actually move there because really how could you not fall in love with this!

Go to Crew

Ending my Junior year, I already knew I had created a bond with people that could never be broken. I had lived with Becca, Kortney and Alison for 2 years already and during that time we had some unforgettable times. We knew that again our senior year we wanted to live together again but needed to find two more roommates to fill a six bedroom house that we were really interested in.

We knew right away that Kaci, our friend who came with to South Padre was definitely on the list but we still needed one more. Kortney suggested that we ask a friend of hers from her hometown, Joe, to be the new roomie. He accepted and the lease was signed. I had never lived with guys before so it was a little something to get used to but a great experience in the end.

I have no doubt in my mind that these 5 people will forever be involved in my life. I’m glad I was able to find friends that had so many similar interests as me. I will always have a place in my heart for them.

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South Padre Here We Come!

Spring break usually consisted of me working, working and more working but my junior year, I was determined to change that. I moved into a house with the same girls I lived with in my apartment the previous year. We always talked about going on a trip somewhere for break but could never make the plans set in stone and actually do it.

South Padre was finally decided on. My roommates Becca and Kortney and good friend of ours that lived down the road, Kaci and I were taking a 26 hour road trip across the country. On the way there we made countless memories that I will never forget.

Finally we arrived in Texas! I was so excited to spend the next 5 days on the beach with my best friends. There was lots of partying, eating and relaxing and well worth the 26 hour drive. It was an awesome experience and can’t wait to go on many other adventures with my friends.

It is always important to make time for the people you care about in your life and let your hair down every once in a while for a little relaxation. Sometimes dealing with all the stress with papers, projects and exams it is nice to just take a break! Go on Spring Break and keep those memories with you forever. You aren’t going to remember what grade you got on that math test 10 years from now but I can guarantee I will always remember good times spent with friends.

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Halfway through my sophomore year I was still deciding on my major. I came to SCSU anticipating psychology, then thinking business, then maybe education. Honestly every major offered here probably crossed my mind at some point. I was still stuck on partying with friends on the weekends and wasn’t too worried about what I was going to do with the rest of my life.

It seemed unrealistic to me to figure out what I wanted to do at the age of 19. I put it off until recently when I realized I needed to finally figure it out. I decided on Mass Communications- Public Relations with a minor in Psychology. I enjoyed the basic core classes and liked how interactive a lot of them were. Designing, creating and editing media were something new to be, but something I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed.

It is important for me to find a healthy balance between school, work and my social life. Coming closer and closer to the end, I think I am getting more motivated to finish with a bang and make an effort to really try the best I can, because I know that I have the ability to do so.

Friends That Last Forever.

All through high school I had a pretty close knit group of friends. We all did everything together, we were basically inseparable. Most of those close friends left St. Cloud for college so during the first few weeks it was hard to not have them there.

Thankfully since I was living in the dorms with a lot of kids experiencing the same exact thing, making new friends wasn’t hard. I was so excited for my high school friends to come home and meet these amazing people who I’d been hanging out with. A couple of weeks into school they came to visit and I had a wonderful time with everyone that I loved.

These are my best friends from high school and a few from college. They all helped me become the person I am today, and I will forever be thankful for them.
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