Anti-Stress PRSSA

On April 25, PRSSA hosted a de-stress event in Atwood Memorial center to give students an opportunity to relieve stress during the last few weeks of school. This is the 2 year they have been hosting the event and think that it makes an impact on student stress levels. A survey was sent out to students asking them what devices can best be used to relieve stress and playing with cats or dogs was the number one stress relief determined by students.

We shot video using a panasonic A90 and edited the video using Adobe Premiere Pro. It was awesome to get the opportunity to showcase an event that doesn’t usually get much recognition.

Music “Welcome Home” by David Szesztay
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0.02- Title Slide
0.11- pan of students looking and learning about cats
0.21- interview with PRSSA member, and name title slide
0.34- student walking to the event
0.44- current student talking about the impacts of pets and stress, name title slide
0.55- shot of kittens playing in cage
1.09- Ending conclusion
1.14- rolling credit title



Camera Shooting

The end of the semester is coming near and with that comes finals, papers and projects. In COMM240 we are currently working on a video project. We are using the Panasonic AC90 to shoot the video and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. I am excited to get started. I have used the camera and editing software before so I am hoping it won’t be too big of a challenge.

During the last week of classes there is a stress relief event going on for students to relax for a moment. Puppies and kittens are going to be brought to campus and so we are going to shoot video of the event and get the word out about what is going on.

This is a photo of my friend, Kaci setting up the camera for shooting. I can’t wait to tackle this assignment to end the semester with a bang!


Photo by Kaitlyn Anderman. All Rights Reserved.

Adobe Dreamweaver

photo from

photo from wikimedia.org

In COMM240, we are beginning to use Adobe Dreamweaver to build websites. I have used the program once before in a previous class but didn’t catch on as easily as I thought. Together as a class we learned the basics to build a site, including linking a site with an image and adjusting the colors. Sample Webpage Designed in COMM352

Adobe Dreamweaver is a web development tool created in 1997. The application combines a visual design side, known as live view and a coding side where you can edit Html/Css codes. It is convenient to be able to edit the codes while still being able to see the visual changes the user is making to their site.

Dreamweaver can be a difficult program to figure out and there are lots of technical features that are needed to successfully create a webpage. Below is a tutorial from Youtube to give you a quick overview of what to expect when using Dreamweaver.


Shake it

In class we were talking about different types of video that can be imbedded in a post. Prof. Walsh mentioned a video site called vimeo.com. I had heard of it but never had really checked anything out. Today I went on and the first thing I typed into the search bar was “puppies”. Realistically who doesn’t want to be entertained by cute puppy videos? I found one that pretty much brightened my entire day and I hope it does the same for you!