Photo Attribution

Photo attribution is extremely important when using a picture or other creative form of work that doesn’t belong directly to you. Mostly everything on the internet is copyrighted and you need permission from the author to post it but it is usually free content. Other media is protected under public domain because it is too old to be protected under copyright law. I think it is better to be safe than sorry and give credit where credit is due otherwise it could result in fines.

There are sources on the internet where photos are available without permission such as so you can just credit where the photo came from. Here is an example on how to credit a photo from Unsplash.

photo-1447349854819-113bfdea8bdf.jpegFree photo from Photo of girl by Jordan Sanchez from Licensed under creative commons zero.

Another source for free media on the internet is They have lots of photos, videos and other related media. Below is a video from the site with correct accreditations.

Free video from Video: Coffee House Musical Traditions by Yen-Ming Chen from Licensed under creative commons zero.

Photo attribution is something that I will use from here on out during the rest of my college career. It is very important to understand what content is protected on the internet so you know what material you can use for blogs and websites.